VOL. 2

for the Jacob Lawrence Gallery
August, 2018

Above: Interior table of contents of the journal.
Above: Full cover and spine of  the journal, ft. photography by C. Davida Ingram.

Monday is an art journal run by the Jacob Lawrence Gallery in Seattle. The second volume centered around black femininity in the arts and in life. I had the privilege of being the guest designer for this volume and worked closely with Gallery manager Emily Zimmerman and guest editor/artist C. Davida Ingram. The journal feature writing, visual art, and poetry from artists and students at the University of Washington.

While taking some inspiration from the first volume of the journal as well as minimal Dutch-style design, I wanted to also show a subtle femininity in the journal that reflected its topic. I used a motif of flowers over a black background to separate sections, making sure it was subtle enough not to overwhelm the accompanying typography. The wide magins surrounding the text add a layer of intimacy to the journal, offsetting the stark black and white designs and photos.

Below: Interior examples of the journal.