Who am I?
Rhys Iliakis (he/they), a graphic designer, illustrator, and visual artist. Currently, I am the graphic design manager for Seattle International Film Festival, leading all the organization’s visual communication. I studied at the University of Washington in their Visual Communications Design program, and graduated in 2018. I have a passion for print design, illustration, and typography, though I have been dabbling more in web design to see how I could help innovate there as well. 

Other things I like: Existential philosophy, dogs, cats, dragons, film, animation, sci-fi, books, graphic novels, & tea.

Where am I?
Seattle, Washington

What am I?
I'm a designer, illustrator, homo sapien, Sagittarius, and Greco-Roman diety.

When am I?
2024 at the moment.

How am I?
I'm surviving, ya know?

Why am I?
Good question.

let’s be friends... i’m so lonely... please talk to me... my cat doesn’t speak english... please... i tried to design some friends... but adobe crashed on me before i saved... they didn’t teach me this in university...