for Theatre Puget Sound
August, 2019

Above: Front cover of the program.

Every year, Theatre Puget Sound hosts the Gregory Awards for the Puget Sound theatre community. They the are awards for the actors and creative crews in the stage plays of that year. I got the opportunity to design the program (and subsequent identity) for the 2019 awards show.

The brief I received highlighted TPS’s desire for the awards show to feel like the Tony’s of Puget Sound: classy, exciting, and exclusive (without actually being exclusive). I had to use the Gregory Awards “G” logo and somehow implement TPS’s orange brand color, but otherwise I could design how I wanted. I used a motif of overlapping rules and diagonals to demonstrate the interconnectivity of the Puget Sound theatre community and the avant-garde/edginess of that year’s offerings. Using these motifs, I was able to add visual interest to the interior without using colors due to financial constraints. I used a minimal gradient on the cover to further add to the classy and clean feel, while keeping everything exciting.

Below: Interior and full cover of the program.