for an interface design class at The University of Washington
May, 2017

This project was for an interface class taught by Will Frohn which pushed us to create an innovative communication tool for web or mobile. I focused on the experience of collaborating on a written project with friends, ultimately creating a website called Atrium with which co-writers can socialize, work on a written project, and explore pieces written by others.

I was inspired to pursue this project because of my own experience writing stories with friends, which can be cumbersome at best. Generally we would use Google Docs, but there are features that would be helpful in streamlining the writing process remotely that weren’t there. I wanted to create a site with the editing funtionality of Google Docs, but also with places to store and share inspiration and notes with the group. I focus-grouped this website with my fellow writers as well as with those who write for a living to see if the functionality worked well for their needs. The only step I have yet to take is actually coding and creating this website now!