for Theatre for Young Audiences
December, 2020

Above: Visual research pages.
Below: Full, interactive ARAO Guide.
In an effort to spearhead understanding and equity for oppressed people in the United States, Theatre for Young Audiences researched and wrote Anti-Racist & Anti-Oppressive Futures for Theatre for Young Audiences. This guide was created by the BIPOC group within TYA for all young audience theatre staff throught the United States to serve as a jumping-off point for more in-depth conversations about oppression in the arts and in this country. 

I was contacted to create this guide due to my work creating a digital guide for A Kid’s Play About Racism. This guide would also be full digital and interactive so it could have a larger reach in the United States, and work within budgetary constraints. I approached this project by first doing visual research to pinpoint the style that spoke best to the heavy content. I did not want this to feel like a text book, but I also wished to avoid having the visuals overwhelm or conflict with the material. I landed on using rich jewel tones with a subdued font and organic shapes to help the content feel inviting, but still professional. 

I worked hand-in hand with the writer of the guide’s content to truly understand the vision of what they were working to achieve. We worked to create custom infographics within the piece so that information could be easier to digest all while staying within the restraints of the design.

The final design was converted to HTML5 and embedded onto TYA’s website along with a secondary version created to inhance visual contrast for accessibility. While there is still debate within the typographic community as to the efficacy of it, I used a dyslexic font for the latter design. 

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