for Seattle Children’s Theatre & Theatre for Young Audiences
July, 2020

Above: “Emoji” set  representing the emotions depicted on stage.
Below: Spread examples from the guide.
In response to the ongoing struggles of people of color in the United States, Seattle Children’s Theatre, in partnership with Theatre for Young Audiences and several other children’s theatres, produced A Kids Play About Racism. Based on Jelani Memory’s book A Kids Book About Racism, this virtual play helps explain the concept of racism to children through the eyes of Jelani as a boy. The accompanying guide was written by members of the education team at SCT, and designed by me.

The play guide follows the original book’s design elements of bold color and use of typography while supplimenting the text with custom icons and illustrations. Due to the financial and interpersonal limitations of the Covid-19 pandemic, the guide was designed to be fully digital. It was made interactive through HTML5 while still emulating the experience of reading a magazine. A PDF version was also created to allow families to print out the supplemental activity pages for their children. This guide has been used by thousands of families in the United States to fully immerse them in the theatrical experience. 

View the Full Guide Here