for a thesis project at The University of Washington
May, 2018

Exhausted by the political climate in 2018 (and now, for that matter), and exhilerated by my studies into philosophy, my senior thesis project for my Visual Communications degree ended up being a short manifesto of my grievances. I wanted to combine my design, writing, political, and philosophical knowledge that I developed in university into a concise snapshot of my belief system and my dreams of a co-op structure design firm. The book is split into three sections: the introduction and reason for my dissatisfaction with society, the theoretical basis for my thoughts, and an outline of an ethical design co-op that follows the ethical structure I’ve laid out.

To truly exemplify my design expertise, I created a dual-sided dust jacket that became a poster when unfolded. The interior of the book follows the same design cues as the poster via typography and image treatment.

Below: Poster/dust cover design, followed by interior book shots.

Above: Cover design of the book.