Skills used: Pen & Ink, Photoshop, and Wacom tablet illustration
Client: Owleyes.org

Goal: Owleyes.org is an open-source website for classic, annotated books. Instead of using the general covers for the books on the website, they wanted custom covers for the books, branded with the website. This helped with creating their own hard copies of the online books, as well. I also created illustrations for course packs such as Shakespeare and Greek Mythology that are more generalized than specific books.  

Along with this, I worked on ideas for the mobile website (not yet implemented). I prototyped these mobile flows and presented them to company head for approval.

Process: This project was very open-ended and I got to experiment with many different styles. The two Edgar Allan Poe books were done in pen and ink then edited in Photoshop while the course pack covers were done on Photoshop with a pen tablet. For the mobile website, I kept the bookish style of the current website, but cleaned it up and streamlined the interactions for ease of use.