Programs used: Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch
Instructor: Ben Graham

Goal: This project was a branding exercise where each student was given a brand identity to completely redesign. We had to create a brand guideline book (linked on the side) and a series of application mockups of our brand. I redesigned Seattle's Museum of Pop Culture, its previous brand demonstrated to the right.

Process: When redesigning MoPop, my first inclination was that it had to be fun and less modern/neutral like its current brand. Because of its appeal to an audience of both old and young, I thought I would try to bring out how MoPop bridges the gap between older pop culture and contemporary fandoms. To do this I combined a formal serif typeface with a bold display sans serif. The colors and graphical elements are inspired by classic 3-D glasses since they can bring both nostalgia and excitement to the audience. I wanted the brand to feel as a play on the formality of classic museums to be a fun getaway for any sort of fan.

Original Brand Design