Programs used: Sketch, Principle, and Illustrator
Group members: Henry DavisKate Johnson, and Emily Huang
Instructor: Karen Cheng and Audrey DesJardins


Goals: Our goal in this class was to redesign or design an existing app or website. My group got to design an app for the NE Seattle Tool Library and try to ease some of the navigation and aesthetic issues in the current website for mobile use. 

Process: A fair amount of user research went into this design. Our group interviewed one of the current owners of the Tool Library to get his insight on what the library is intended to be, which is a method for people to not only sustainably check out tools, but to also interact with their community. We also brought in users who had never interacted with the website before to try and find the best way to navigate through it via actually going through the site as well as card sorting. Ultimately we came to a more streamlined version of the site that facilitates use for those wanting to browse the library and plan out projects.