Cosa Nostra — December '16

Programs used: Illustrator and InDesign
Client: Emily Barr


Goal: As a culmination of the typographic and illustration skills that I learned at the end of 2016, I wanted to help my English major friend Emily Barr with the novella she had to write for class. I decided to illustrate scenes from the beginnings of the chapters as well as the cover. 

Process: Because her novella is around 50 pages, most of the time was spent on typesetting the story. There wasn't an overwhelming amount of pages so I could hand-edit each one to make the typography flow well. Her story is about an Italian mobster and an overly ambitious young cop in the mid-1920s. I wanted to draw on this feel with the illustration style. Therefore, I worked with a more noir style with each chapter having a specific analogous color scheme for its opening illustration. The cover is a nod to a graphic novel style since we've been bouncing around an idea about putting one together with this story.